And again

And again

Well let’s see.

We moved.

Away from Illinois. To Arkansas. To Fayetteville, where I grew up.

So far it is amazing. Wonderful house. Friends almost like I never left. Family is being great. Excellent stuff for kids. Re joining the Unitarian Universalists (where I went as a child). Talked to some old professors.

Illinois was quite the failed experiment. But not in all ways. We met some really nice folks (there at the end). Learned a lot about what we wanted mostly by finding out the hard way what we didn’t want. And there was that whole, cool having a baby there. And buying our first house. That was quite the experience. As was selling our first house.

There are more things to say, but this is just the second test post. Now I have to figure out how to make w.blogger or some other client work with this because I don’t like  web client publishing.