Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka–

We finally got to see it last night. Had a pizza party with the three of us and assorted cats. At one point Ninny grabbed a piece of pizza and tried to run off with it. Don’t get in the way that girl and her carbs.

I love the original.

and I love this one. For entirely different reasons. One of them being Johnny Depp. I wanted the Gene Wilder Wonka for a dad when I was a child. I wanted this Wonka for my crazy uncle.

And Danny Elfman of course.

And Wonka was creepy and weird but he’s SUPPOSED to be creepy and weird.

The first one you get the sense that the children are even more to blame as the parents. The second one, the blame lands where it belongs (I think) on the parents and you get a sense of your awesome power as one.

And the Wonkas were very different. In this movie the centerpiece was more more Wonka than the children, as it was in the other movie. When I watch the older one I identify with Charlie. In this one it is very much Wonka.

Bean LOVED it too. She’s trying to learn the oompa loompa dances.