A Gift from the Universe

Saint Jeanne Jugan
Saint Jeanne Jugan

I was given one today. As we try to/prepare to/hope to move to Oregon (when this house sells) I’ve had things on my mind that give me pause.

I am estranged from my family.  This has happened several times through out my life. I’m not sure this one will be resolved.

My mother is..getting older. I have been making a list of people to contact to look in on her.  And people I wanted to talk to to say…I tried my best…  At this point all sides are unwilling to resolve things. It is sad, but this has been a reoccurring thing. It’s probably better that I do remove my upsetting presence from them.

One person I worried about was a mentor of mine from long ago. He was a favorite professor and someone I admired greatly. I had a selfish concern that he would hear of my filial impiety (though I can say I have given it my very best effort and then some) because of his friendship with my mother. And that perhaps he would think badly of me.

Today I ran in to him and in a mater of moments I was able to give him a hug, get one in return and thank him for visiting my mother. I was also able to gently and without saying much, let him know that I was unable to and that I was moving away with my family.

Of course he could still hear horrid things about me, but my conscience is clear and a weight has been lifted.  I’m grateful to whoever or whatever crossed our paths today.