A Moment as her Mother

A Moment as her Mother

I picked Em up from school yesterday and as usual, we talked about her day. It’s tough to concentrate when she doesn’t feel well, but she really tried and wanted to, she told me. I told her sweetfacehow happy I was to see her. She said “really Mom? you say that every day” and I said “Really kiddo, I want you to know every day that you are absolutely the finest thing I’ve ever done and my heart grows three sizes every time I see you.” She laughed and went “oh mom.”

And in my head I thought…”Oh lil Bean, you’ll never know, but it does. The room lights up every time you walk into it.”

Life in a Northern Town came on, and I love that song, so with my croaky voice I sang along. And during an instrumental bit I told her how that song always made me feel peaceful and dreamy and at one point reminded me of Fayetteville, and probably will again. She told me I have a beautiful voice and the smile on her face was so much the sweetest thing that I thought I might dissolve right there. I stopped the car in the driveway and she said “Let’s listen to the end of a song (something I always did as a teenager)” And then said “keep singing Mom.”

Don’t let anyone tell you being a mother isn’t the best thing, the very best thing ever.


    1. Jyllian M

      Thank you Christine..something that has always been important to me is that she know that she is/was wanted and valued always. That she is the best thing her Dad and I have ever done.

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