A seriously sad cinquain (or two)

A seriously sad cinquain (or two)

I generally don’t go for many forms of poetry other than the haiku. I was forced to write Sonnets way back, and a sestina oh and and an ode…that list could go on and on. And I found out it made me angry. I love READING those things, reading nearly any kind of poetry–though I’ve fallen in and out of love with nearly everything except Shakespearean Sonnets and Emily Dickenson over the years. Though now, thanks to #Octpowrimo, I’m back to reading from my huge collection (from the ages of 15 until about 25 I read poetry like someone with OCD washes their hands)

I’m tired, it’s late and so I’m going to use part of a lesson plan I concocted for that abandoned career in teaching high school English: How to write a cinquain. cinquain is at its most basic a five line poem or stanza. It can be 11 words or 22 syllables.  The poem has one topic. It should be a concrete, not abstract topic, oops, I broke the rules.


Closely removed
Click on keys
The web deletes miles


Strain grow
Must get stronger
Delay growing old, dying