A teen but not like that

A teen but not like that

You know what is needed? Clothes for young girls…tweens and teens, who are tall but are NOT beanpicjuniors. They are NOT 16, or 17. They don’t need spaghetti straps and low cut tank tops and up your butt shorts.

They need a slightly more grown up version of size 14-16 clothes or a slightly younger version of juniors clothing.

Right now I have a choice between bermuda shorts (which our kid hates) and shorts that are nearly too short. What about some that hit mid thigh? in a size 0,2,3?

And tshirts and tank tops not cut down to the navel?

She won’t go to Justice anymore because the colors are too neon and the styles too childish.

JCpenney has the same problem with the kids stuff being too childish but the juniors being too older teenager.

The same with Dillards, Macy’s…all of them.And Wet Seal, and Forever 21 (because she isn’t yet!)  I’d just like transitional clothing that isn’t too short, or low cut or just too old for a 13, 14 year old to wear. Heck she was tall enough at 12 to need to jump out of kids sizes (though I had to put my meager sewing skills to the test for the waist area).

It’s confusing for her too. She’s paying attention to her clothing now but it’s kind of awkward.

TL/DR Make some not revealing clothes for tall 12-14 year old girls!


  1. Christine

    Wahhh! I was so looking forward to you being on the west coast again!! Oh well, more incentive for me to head out there. I have a friend in TN that I’ve been meaning to visit forever.

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