A woman? Is that meant to insult me?

A woman? Is that meant to insult me?


Oh I’ve been stewing on this for awhile.  I’m sick of being underestimated because I’m nice. Or because I’m quiet. Because I surely am the former but not so much the latter. Well If you know me. If you don’t or if I”m in a situation I’m not fully comfortable in, I’m quiet.  Otherwise, not so much. You would know this if you came to one of our Halloween parties.

But here’s the thing. I’m good at what I do. I learn really fast. If I don’t know something at 3 pm I probably will know how to do it by 5 or 4. Yes. I can fix a laptop, a desktop and yes I’ve used a soldering iron. I’ve built my own machines. I’ve coded my own sites on notepad. I also rather kickass at various CMS.


So why am I annoyed? Boys. Boys who think they can yell in your face, spittle flecking the edges of their mouths to bully you into covering up THEIR mistakes. Boys who won’t move out of the way to let you pass without rubbing against you. Boys who spend all day in their office watching old prime time on netflix. Boys who lie about helping you and instead make sure they don’t tell the truth when asked if someone was discussing their genitalia around you in a setting that was not anything like a peep booth. Boys who talk about disrobing women or bouncing breasts under fluorescent lights.

Boys who suddenly appear and tell you how to do what you’ve BEEN DOING for months…nay years. Boys who lecture you on topics you’ve written papers or taught classes about.

BOYS..what is wrong with you? Why do you not assume a position of respect FIRST? Or if not respect, at least not disrespect.

Don’t get me wrong…I love boy children. I love guys…I love men. I don’t like this behavior. I find it insulting. I find it annoying. I find it upsetting that I can’t verbally spin kick them when they start behaving this way but instead look at the bigger picture of getting things done or getting out safely.


Because it does actually come down to safety sometimes.

And before you start…yes I would have the same issue if girls did this. But girls do other things..like being bitchy when you politely decline a night out. Or clearing their throat 306 times in a day to get you to move. Girls are evil too. But right now…TOO much bad boy behavior. STOP being insulting BOYS! It makes you look stupid.

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  1. I’ve encountered that bs before. Once the men start that crap, I just look down at their crotches just like they look down at my boobs when I am talking to them. You should see how fast they change their tone…

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