About 8 years ago

About 8 years ago

We had this tiny little (ok not so tiny or little over 8lbs) baby dear. Squinched up face, cutest toes in the world (still are, and I still want to kiss ’em much to her chagrin “oh mommy I’m much too old for that,”) tiny long fingers and opinionated from the get go.

My life has been a long, winding journey. I’ve had a lot of pain, sorrow and confusion but there are three things that I know I’ve done right.

Bean is the best one. Marrying J the other and being a catslave is the third. Yeah I’ve done lots of cool things, built them, learned them, all that– but these three are the best.

There is a certain kind of love that comes with being a parent. It is nearly impossible to describe. I’d lay down my life for J and the Bean, but I think I might have to find a way to become a ghost for her–just to make sure she was ok.

Bean at 8 is a kind girl. She even worries about the meankids–‘maybe their mommies and daddies don’t love them enough, ” “maybe they are scared,” so we have to teach her to protect herself now, to not let her concern for them override her own happiness. She is a smart girl–reads like we hoped she would, going through Lemony Snickett (really for 9 and above) loves science, has questions about everything. She’s got a voice that will bring tears to your eyes–and this isn’t just me talking, others have told us. She’s so affectionate and loves to make others happy. I still get cuddles and we have the best talks. Finally, she’s a a beauty. Yes I’m her mother and yes I’m partial but it is nice we made a sum who is greater than her parts.

Because of her we wanted to have other children. We can’t, but we know, *I know* how lucky we are to have her–I wouldn’t want her to be any different. She couldn’t be any more wonderful.





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Dearest Bean

We love you so very much. We are so proud of you. You are better than

we dreamed. We’ll always be there for you.


Mom and Dad