An hour of pain is as long as a day of pleasure ~Traditional Proverb

An hour of pain is as long as a day of pleasure ~Traditional Proverb

Since the rules aren’t as strict as nablopomo, I’ve decided that back dating is ok.

I needed a break. I’ve heard from others that the end of a semester is usually not so bad except for this year. This year it was crazy. I’ve about got more work than I can handle and there seems to be more needed. It is so much because I’m a tech integration specialist(a cross between trainer, teacher, help desk, sysadmin, tech writer and psychologist) at two schools, both of which need full time people.  I’ve been really super tired the last couple of days and there were a couple of times in the last couple of weeks I just had horrid days. A couple of great ones too. Luckily I work in a great school system with amazing teachers.

And I think I’m about to decide while I would not want to be an English teacher…as much as I love literature (only college or senior lit would make me happy—I know because I’ve done those—7th grade wouldn’t, 9th grade with the huge emphasis on grammar would not either—yes I know it is necessary, I just wouldn’t want to TEACH it, it doesn’t fire me up) I would like to be a tech teacher. I just need to figure out what degree that is and how to go about it. As long as I could keep doing pretty much what I’m doing—I’m not in a big hurry to change that.

Ok, that aside I’ve been tired. And on Friday I switched from my big boot, looks like this

walkerboot to one that looks like thisvolt then in a couple

of weeks I’ll be in something that looks like this:

Swede-O-Tarsal-Lok-Black and I’ll stay in that one for months. Eventually I’ll end up in the one without the rigid brace, just a lace up and I’ll be in that one…forever.

I’ve been rolling my ankle forever. The vestige of those  12 years in ballet and en pointe. Ugh I wasn’t even any good, I just looked the part (I was tall, not too tall and slender with no butt or bewbs). I’ve been rolling and spraining my ankle for ever, I’ve even felt it pop but not completely dislocate like it did this time. So I’m now prone to it fully dislocating. And the orthopedist will start giving me the pain next week. Wheee.

ANYway…I went to the small brace and everything blew up on Friday. The updates broke the wireless connections for a bunch of teachers and someone encrypted something on the media server. The video announcements were too big and I had to remember how to bump up the limit. And get them uploaded at the last minute because that is when the teacher had time. And then convince everyone that the new way was the better way. Which it is, but change…oh change is hard.  And all that happened between 7:30 and 8 a.m.

Then it was movie and read in day and lots of folks needed help remembering how to get their dvd players to work with the projectors.

It was also the holiday party day, which was super cool because I work at my kid’s school and I get to go to those things on the days I’m there.

So I traversed the school three times in just the morning alone with my cane and my new smaller brace. AND OH GOD I was in pain  and tired when I got home.

So I popped some ibuprophen, put the big boot back on and then we went to dinner at the house of the Bean’s best friend. N’s parents are extremely accomplished and very intelligent. Mrs. A cooked a several course Indian meal and their next door neighbors were invited as well. It was really a lovely evening, except that I was exhausted, nervous and hurting. They were so intelligent and so grown up it was like being a kid, trying hard to be an adult at the grown up’s table during a formal meal. They were funny and welcoming and we like them a lot, but of course I kept worrying we’d be too weird or I’d say something dumb (and I did a couple of times and then couldn’t sleep later because of it). And then in the back of my head the whole time is how interested I am in Indian culture and how much I love Bollywood movies and I absolutely had to make sure I didn’t say anything really dumb about that. I have no idea what impression we gave, but we tried our best and were polite. I think at the very least they know their daughter is safe with us as we know ours is with them.

I was really nervous to go but I’m glad we did. And I’m glad I’m in the smaller boot.


I guess I figured out though…I’m not really an adult, I just play one on TV.

When DO you feel like a grown up? I mean we have a house, a kidlet, responsible jobs….but I still feel like I’ve just bought my first business suit and I’m giving my first presentation and those are the only times I wear heels and so they aren’t comfortable or broken in and….well I guess it wasn’t age then, this IS my personality. Uh oh.


  1. Hope you get a chance to give your leg a rest soon.

    As far as feeling like a grown up… That’s a feeling that has never come naturally to me, either, quite frankly!

    Then again, I don’t know if I would *want* that feeling. I figure that as long as I’m meeting my adult responsibilities, I can still feel like a kiddie if that’s what makes me happiest. Not sure if I’m explaining this too well. ~Tui

    1. Jyllian M

      Very good point Tui–we generally meet our adult responsibilities. Yes sometimes we’re late for this or that or someone skips a flu shot or something but in general we function as adults.

      There are times–like dinner parties or work type functions where I wish I *felt* more like the adult I look like. Most of the time though goofy but functioning feels better.

    1. Jyllian M

      it’s good to hear that is not as uncommon as I thought. I mean I know I’m competent and I can speak correctly and I clean up well, but when I’m being myself I’m really goofy and act probably less grown up than I did in grad school!
      Youthful spirit–I like that. I will borrow it, it sounds nicer than “arrested development.”

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