And Memories Fade

And Memories Fade

Sometimes there are moments

there are songs.

Things that make you feel  something.

And  you hear a song.

It’s odd how much that song encapsulates everything that you were and everything

that you are in your secret heart.

I got together with two friends that hadn’t seen each other in over 20 years and friends that are like family all in the same night.

And somehow –the us of then and the us of now all converge and make a moment that is is the irrevocable now

We are all grown ups and we’re not. We all have to behave and we don’t. When we all get together and talk and there are

movies…oh the breakfast club who were you?

I was …well they all told me I was Bender, girl that I am .. And S was Allyson and well deep down we were really all Brian.

Here is my impression of …

Funny  how we are all still geeks, no matter how cool geeks are. How we are all still left out.

How we can never forget that  Thing  That horrid thing that the Pretty blond girl with the perfect ponytail did in the bathroom that time.


But that’s a tale for another time.

This is the song that made this entry happen

kids by MGMT