And now for something completely different

And now for something completely different

So I don’t do this ever…like EVER I don’t think. I mean I’ve written about some online shops I really like (for example  Bpal  even though I haven’t purchased from them in quite some time, having other things to spend my money on. And welli in  a short obsessed while I amassed more perfume than even I can wear–oh  scuse me going to go put some on and brb)


ok, I just anointed myself with Delirium and odd rose, apple lemon concoction that reminds me of the Neil Gaiman character. Ahem

Back to business.

Ok…so I don’t get product excited very often. I mean, stuff is stuff. I  can go a bit crazy for boots and can get a bit ticked off at makeup but I haven’t wandered into this territory. Which I might have to a bit now because I can’t write so much about my kid anymore because she is getting to be that age.

And that is tough especially since she recently crossed an um….clothing threshold that was a big deal for both of us. I can say I made that joyful and exciting and fun after I dried her tears. It was and still is an emotional thing.


Ok…once again…I came across these at that mecca of all things consumer, Target:

Allmightyand I have to say they are a bit of a revelation. One thing I hated about liquid laundry detergent was that it leaked. Even if I turned it upside down and wiped it down each time I used it. We do a lot of laundry and sometimes I forgot. And there would be this sticky gooey trail down the side of the dryer and on the floor in-between the washer and dryer that I would have to clean up over and over again. It was bugging me enough to go back to powder detergent. Even if it made me sneeze. 

And then I found these. Big loads two, small loads one, they dissolve and there IS NO MESS. ANYWHERE. YAY!!  I know it might seem kind of dumb, but everyone’s life is busy. My life is busy and when it isn’t I’m tired because I have a draining job and get up too early and want to enjoy time with my husband and kid and NOT CLEAN all the the damn time. I can’t live in a mess though. Or at least a very big one. Also it’s those small annoyances that really stack up. Like a noise repeated every 30-45 seconds or a reoccurring glob of detergent on the floor that attracts dead spiders and fluff and cat fur and other things I don’t want to look too closely at.

That problem has been solved.


Ok and one other thing that has made me really happy. Before I left that job I should have thought hard about leaving (no it was the right decision but I miss the kids and teachers and have a chance to go further where I am, even though it isn’t (yet?) as rewarding)Mr. J got me a keurig elite


for Christmas a couple of Christmases ago. That way I didn’t have to bring my coffee to work, I could brew it when I got to my office. I don’t have room for it where I am–in 1/3 of an office  but i did set it up at home. Why would we do that when we have a wonderful Zoyjirushi coffee maker (man I am the product name dropper today huh) which replaced the German ones I kept killing inadvertently.  well ICED TEA (and coffee) of course!

I can have a tall glass of my favorite beverage in under two minutes any time I want it. Fresh, perfectly brewed and doctored up to taste exactly as it did when Amy, Greg, Ben and I drank endless glasses at Restaurant on the Corner when it was on Dickson street. Anybody who knows me even a little bit knows how I love iced tea. My love for tea borders on the perverse and now I can been happily accommodated in my own home with a moment’s notice.

The only thing (ok not the only thing–I didn’t like the pee smell in certain areas of SF)  I really took issue with in SF in restaurants at least–was those tiny iced tea glasses. You need a LARGE glass, a VAT or a Jam jar at least. You need considerable tea, impressive tea. MASSIVE tea.



So there you go I’m hoping I’m back and writing again as I challenge myself to find topics to write about which don’t infringe on my daughter and help me to remain circumspect about my work challenges.  I’m usually not so commercial, but seriously these two things really did do it for me.

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  1. Christine

    Thanks for the laundry tip! I actually love doing laundry, which I guess is a little weird.

    Ah, coffee. Caffeine and I have a somewhat difficult relationship. My body would be thrilled if I gave it up completely, but I LOVE tea. Coffee I can save for now and then, but to give up tea would be hard. I’ve tried, and I keep going back. It’s an ongoing struggle. I’m thinking of switching to decaf coffee, but my stomach might rebel. Getting older sucks sometimes.

    Sounds like your girl is headed toward adolescence! Good luck to you both. 🙂

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