And there you have it.

And there you have it.


Yes, I think this is year five for me. I had to hide some posts from previous years for various reasons. Ah mysterious Jyllian, perhaps just a bit.

Totally unrelated to anything: James just said how he didn’t want a ham for Xmess dinner. Because the leftovers oppress him and he doesn’t want to be oppressed by his Christmas dinner. The turkey doesn’t oppress him, but this year we had almost no leftovers.

I think I might see if I can find a small ham though. A hamlet? A small not oppressive little pig.

I believe I will be writing more. Maybe not daily, but who knows. At least I made it to the end. Again! Every year!

We are going to get a real tree for the first time. I have a hard time bringing in real trees. It seems so mean to cut down a tree and bring it inside and watch it die. But this time we should  go ahead because she should have one at least once.

My xmess shopping for J is done. Not so for Bean. Not for anyone else either. I’m not sure how I’m going to on the bum leg, but something will work out. I am a wizard at online shopping (yikes!).

I’ve enjoyed this November more than last November even with dislocating my ankle. I’m in a better place. So is our family. Good. I’ve enjoyed some of the folks I’ve met or re met through Nablopomo and I expect I’ll be reading them for a long time to come.

So maybe I’ll see ya’ll in December!


  1. James Barton

    It is okay to have both a ham and a turkey. The meat actually keeps for a very, very long time in the fridge and you can make really good soup from both aforementioned meats.
    The tree is part of the carbon cycle, so you don’t need to feel guilty about it as long as you keep it out of the landfill after you’re done with it. (Compost or lake structure are the most common green disposal methods.)

  2. As always, I can relate to everything you say, Jyllian!

    We have a wee little fake fiberoptic tree for the very same reason you mention. I love trees so much, and hate to kill one just for decoration. I have used large branches before for decoration, ones that fell off from the wind.

    Oppessed by leftovers? Lol! Do they lock him in the bathroom and interrogate him? “So, James, you allege that this was a cured ham. What exactly did it have?”

    Hamlet – cute name for a small ham! I have this habit of naming the turkeys I roast each year. This year, I called him Leonard. One of my quirks, I guess.

    Gosh – I had forgotten about your leg! Let us know how you are feeling physically.

    Hope to see you in December, too. I plan to keep blogging. 🙂


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