Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh

Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh

(the quote’s from Deadwood, only one of the most beautifully written (and yes I mean that) works on television in recent memory. )

Well, let’s see..I’ve passed the first set of tests. I had to delay taking them since I was on jury duty and couldn’t get excused. Jury duty from January until March. I was called 8! EIGHT! times. Each time requires figuring out bean wrangling, scheduling with James and being unable to schedule the test. Or study for it as effectively. So I finally finished jury duty and schedule the tests for April 7th, 14 and moved the one from April 26th (that’s too much–it’s almost 5 hours long) also The Bean’s birthday to June 14th (still in deadline).

And I got my fingerprints (that was hilarious–go to the UofA police, get in line, they ask for a fingerprint card…of course they don’t HAVE THEM THERE! Go to school admin office, oops that’s the school admin office ANNEX, so go to main school system office. Walk in wrong door, get sent to yet another building then further back. Stand at a desk panting (because you must get your fingerprints between 1:30 and 3:30 only on Tuesdays and Thursdays) wait, wait…walk to back after awhile. Interupt important lady who looks unhappy about it, get card, be flustered, say something dumb, leave with card. Go back, meter is still open, get in long line and *just* make the window of opportunity in between a huge group of law students who are…wait for it…talking about making money). And I sent it off to the state police (I can’t have a record for all those war protests can I?) notarized first of course. And put together my packet, with all my trannscripts and mail it all off.

But then…cue ominous music. They changed the website. And now if you take the test in June you are too late to get in the Non Traditional Licensure program. And so learning high school and a bit of college math in two months and these tests and all that wild fingerprint cavorting was all in vain yes?

Maybe not. I applied to graduate school. A year program for the Master of Arts in Teaching. The costs are comparable. I know I have the grades and scores to get in and I’ve already got *one* master’s degree so that should show I’m a good risk perhaps? We’ll see. They might be out of room (it’s a popular program and I’m a bit late to the party this year). I’m also working with one or maybe two technical recruiters to see if I can find a technical /office manager position for a non profit or other white knight type of job. I really want something that contributes to the community and something I’ll feel passionate about. If this were San Francisco I’d throw myself at the SPCA with the full force and fervor of an in heat. I still wish the humane society here had needed someone, but that was another bump, it’s too bad that one didn’t work out. I’ve always wanted to teach. I enjoyed teaching so much during grad school. Even doing corporate training. I wonder if I could teach in a community college or if I’ve been out of the game too long. Or in continuing ed?

And I’m going to sign up to substitute next year. Hopefully both at the high school and elementary level.

So I’ve thrown several things at the wall (and there’s one more I’m not mentioning here) and we’ll see what sticks. Any of these things would be good for me and for the family. Was I disapointed to miss the cutoff time for the NTLP? Yes, yes I was. I have read and been told by several folks that around here they hire from the NTLP last. The M.A.T. is preferred,. so blessing in disguise? That remains to be seen, but I can’t help but feel that now that I’m trying all these things something interesting is about to happen.