Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

So in looking about for the signup for Nablopomo I found that the last year for it was either 2016 or 2017.  I started doing Nablopomo because NaNoWriMo looked impossible. In um…2006 when it was on Eden Kennedy’s blog. That was before it went to Blogher, which also is no more–at least as a content aggregator. It seems to have turned into more of a yearly convention for important people, which I am not. In its place is something called, which unfortunately I don’t know anything about.  It looks kind of like a woman’s magazine on the web.

So that means I’m 100 in blogyears (ha, get it?). It’s even worse than that. I used to have an “online journal’ in…gasp…that late 90s. So *that* means I’m practically an internet Methuselah.  It’s worse than that even, but we’ll just stop while we’re behind.

I let this place go when we were selling our house. I was scared I’d say something that would be bad for the house sale and we’d never get to move. It took way too long but we finally sold the big red house (tm Bean) and are now in our ‘spooky cottage in the woods.’  Much smaller since we never did give the Bean any sisters or brothers. Which she is just fine with.  Me–for me being a mom is really the best part of my time on this planet and I feel very lucky we have such an amazing, kind, wonderful, talented girl.

That’s probably enough for today. I’ve got some work anxiety to tamp down and need to get to the shower before one of my elderly cats gets in and asks for the tub to become another water bowl–because elder statesmencats always get what they ask for.