Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated.― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated.― Franklin D. Roosevelt

So Project Reverb wants to know what I ate , while Kat McNally asks what was my best decision

I’m afraid I have a bit of catching up to do, so this unlike my usual long winded entries, will be brief.

Best Meal? Either the night our dinner group went to Meiji Japan and I had sparkling Sake for the first time since we moved away from San Francisco (which scary to think has now been 13 years but feels like only a few). The company was great, we got to sit at a Kotatsu like table and the food was lovely and tasty.

OR it could be my birthday dinner because James makes the most excellent grilled food. Kind friends pot lucked some tasty noms and again—the company was fantastic. Two nights that were relaxed and I felt so lucky to know such wonderful people.

Best decision?


Made together because that’s how we do things.

First going against the grain and putting Em in a private school. We had head shaking at this but for her it has been the right thing. She is so happy and so interested in learning again. She is around such sweet kids and it is a diverse and open  minded place.

Second…As you have probably guessed from all the other entries…Getting a new job! I love what i’m doing and the people I work with are kind. I’ve had to lose some benefits and dollars but I think I’m building toward being able to do this with benefits and money after a suitable apprenticeship. At least that is the plan.

There almost the shortest entry ever!