Bean’s day of extra Beany goodness.

Bean’s day of extra Beany goodness.

So we signed Bean up for a camp but she was having trouble connecting with one of the counselors and got into some mean girls situations. We had a long talk, J the Bean and I and we discussed both perserverence and cutting your losses.  After all—the camp thing was for our only child to have social time and fun time and yes, some learning time. And if all those things aren’t being achieved and the dread is starting up in the morning—well the school year is long and the summer is short, so cutting losses was the order of the day.

So we started off the day waking up more more slowly than we have been. We had chat time and cat time and watching Princess Tutu on Netflix time.



Then we all went to pick up my car because it was in the shop AGAIN. After that, J went back to work (in his office in our home) and Bean and I took her second ever trip to I Hop.  She was drawing her album cover here, but we got sidetracked talking about “girl things that daddies and boys don’t want to talk about.”


She ordered for herself—a face pancake “extra facey”’

bean snax

I stuck to primal—ham and cheese omelet  hold the pancakes(mostly though I had to taste and extra facey pancake).

Then we went to Bath Junkie where I finally, with Bean’s help, redeemed my Christmas present of any flavor lotion and body wash. I chose Cucumber. Since a sweet former boyfriend bought me a big jug of natural cucumber perfume oil, it is the perfect scent for Spring and Summer and always reminds me of the wonderful days at the Northern California Renaissance Faire (back when it was in Novato).

Then we came home and she was on her computer for just a bit until we picked up the lovely Miss P—her cousin, my niece who happily is spending Thursdays with us this summer.


Then we went to the Fayetteville Athletic Club and swam for about 2.5 hours. They had ice cream and afterwards asked for a trip to Sonic for dinner (where we only go for drinks anymore but hey, Bean had had a sad few days and I am really happy to have Payton with us, so the answer to nearly everything yesterday was yes. I got to swim and read a lot which I enjoyed muchly. P1010406


It is fun playing pool games with the girls and I have to say that even when I do miss my long hair it is really great to have insta dry insta style hair. I no longer worry about looking like a complete hag when emerging from the pool.  A problem the girls just don’t have Smile


They wanted watch some TV when we got home and then my sister came to get Miss P. I realized that even with constant reapplication of sunblock of both the spf 30 and 70 varieties I was burned and quite painfully. I was supposed to go the B52s with friend G and L but instead took a lot of ibuprophen. Except for the last bit this was one of the best days ever!


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