Begin at the very beginning

Begin at the very beginning


I’m going to try this again this year. I’m behind because this has been an absolutely horrid horrid week.  I’m not ready to talk about that yet.


Where was I at the beginning of 2014?

New into being employed doing something I really enjoy. New at having left a horrible hostile droidssituation.

And oh.. it isn’t easy to look back because I keep having to learn the same lessons over and over again. Sometimes I’m so right and a friendship  or a relationship deepens. But when I’m wrong it is epic.

And where am I now?

I like the work and the group. That has been much much easier this year. It has its difficulties, one is quite large, but there is an end to it.

Still learning some of the same lessons. I honestly can’t parse how I’m supposed to not have these things happen anymore, it would mean actually not being myself. But there’s an end to some of that too.

Because after almost 10 years here we’re going to move. I was going to try and let that wrap things up for us, but in some situations the situations have other ideas I guess.

What can I say with certainty? 

I love my daughter with a ferocity I didn’t know was possible, until it was tested by a very strange person.

I love my husband, though the love now is different than how it began. No one has ever known me better. I’ve never trusted anyone as much as I do him. It is still frightening.

I still love cats like a crazy person but have determined that 5 may in fact be too many cats.

The only constant thing is change and loving your kids and cats and probably husband. For real.

Good friends are worth more than nearly anything.

Getting old both sucks and is wonderfully freeing.

I will wear skulls, converse, big black skirts and cardigans and combat boots until I shuffle off this mortal coil.

This has all been a lot of blather, but I wanted to make a start. I will catch up this weekend