I love graveyards. Cemeteries. Boneyards. Cities of the Dead.

They are quiet. There is a story for every stone or monument. You can visit for a conversation or just to be.

I don’t think I want my body to be buried–though that has always interested me. If I could have, I would have been a mortician.  At the very least, a funeral director. I’m good with sorrow and calm for others (just not for myself).

There’s just something fascinating with the thought of being unearthed,  many years in the future, and someone being curious about the life I had.  Or making one up.  I won’t know of course, but I like the story.

But I think it is more responsible to be cremated. I still want a tombstone though. And to have the ashes of my bygone kitties mixed with mine.  As Is that

My father’s grave in the National Cemetery, Ft. Smith, Arkansas

morbid? I find it comforting.

I don’t fully discount an afterlife, because I like the story.  The idea of being reunited with everyone I loved, cat and otherwise, is a soothing narrative.  And yes, I know science is fact and fact is real.  But we all have things we tell ourselves that may or may not be true.  This one, at least, is a soft adventure.

One of the first things I found when we moved was the closest cemetery. It is within walking distance and it is very very old.  And when I find myself missing home and friends, I can go for a walk to quiet the fear of a future without a tribe.

I guess I can be a little dark or melancholy. I’m not unhappy though. I just started thinking and I’m giving it a shot to write down the idea that stays in my mind. While I was thinking about how the world is working right now and how frightening the situation our country in in, I just wondered about whether I’d get the chance to have a funeral or if we were all going up in a flash of nuclear light.

If we do survive the next 4 years–Remember   I want a cenotaph or a bench. With something about a cat and being a mom. You could bury my ashes there too. And there should be a party where everyone does things they would have regretted when they were younger, but are now to old to care. With lots of music.


  1. ArianaAuburn

    You should see the cemeteries where I am from: on a hot day, the ground is as cold as ice, cooling the air around you. Lots of sarcophagi, with mourning angels. You are not losing a tribe: you are expanding it adding new members 🙂

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