books glorious books

books glorious books

When I feel freaked out, or sick or just out of sorts the best thing in the world is to read. Read like some folks inhale ice cream. This time two or maybe all three things intersected to provide a a couple of days of uninterruped reading. About 800 pages or something. Wheeeee. I read The Dante Club (I think my English Lit degrees give me a big weakness for literary fiction) and two Tanya Huff vampire novels. Along with talking cat books vampire books (a la Laurel K. Hamilton before she turned it into , well never mind, but that nevermind is ALL THE TIME) are my diversion, my comfort food and my big fun.

Now having a sinus infection that’s trying quite hard to turn into pneumonia (and the occasional high fever hallucination and the joys of antibiotic side effects)has left me seriously tired and needing lots of rest. And not being able to rest because of that deep chest cough that so bad I popped my eyes out and my pants off. Or vice versa. So I had a stack of lovely books set aside just for that purpose. Yum.

Sometimes reading fast isn’t the best –I finish great books too quickly. If I want the experience to last I have to walk away from the book. Other times when the books are candy, like Tanya Huff or really wonderful (like The Prestige or to a lesser degree The Dante Club) and I’m sick it isn’t so bad. There isn’t a lot I can do and most tv isn’t my thing. But I can immerse myself in someone else’s world for hours and hours and hours (especially good at 3 in the morning when no cough medicine is working).

I love to read so much that when I come back from the book store or the library, I must resist the urge to spread all the books out on the bed and roll about giggling.

I am a lucky woman that J and the Bean found much to occupy themselves while I worked hard to avoid a lung transplant. His eyes were glazing over by late Sunday though.

Today I’m still pretty wrung out. I got a few things done, but I think I’ll be out of it for a few days. Going to make coming up with these last topics a bit tough, but I’m going to make it to the end, yes I will, whether my eyes stay in my head or not 🙂