Cleanliness is next to impossible!

Cleanliness is next to impossible!


Better get this up there quick. Getting down to the wire because I/we’ve been cleaning and cooking all day.

I swear that child walks around the house with jam on her hands and arms akimbo making a kids high streak around the entire house.

Thank god for magic erasers.

The orange cranberry sauce is made as are the pumpkin pies. The cornbread is ready for the dressing, this year I may add sausage to it. The Brine is made and the turkey is in it. The Yams are waiting to be made into a yam soufflé (really is that what it is?) you know that thing with the marshmallows—not sure why you would call that a soufflé but that one chick did—isn’t it more of a casserole. No matter—ready for that too. Wine is chilling.

House is clean enough or will be after we do a bit tomorrow. Have to cook earlier than usual because the bird is SO freaking huge.

We’ll be having between 9-11 folks. Yay!

The house is clean enough. No really. It is.

I do love having Fangsgiving over here. I’m good at the menu and the timing, it’s fun and it  gets everyone together.

As long as they leave by about 8 we are good.


The house is clean enough right?