Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid.

Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid.

Come to the edge he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew. ~Guillaume Apollinaire


i will not live a life of what ifs. I will not wait any longer to begin, to begin again and begin again and again.

I will be afraid, but I will come to the edge and fly and fly or fall.

And if I fall I will pick myself up. Every day sometimes, every month, every year. Every decade.

Things are not right.

Things are unsettled

Things are lacking and have been lacking but love is not.

Skill is not.

Possibilites only FEEL as if they are lacking because they are not. Limited perhaps, but just for now. Things will get better.

I think forgiveness is needed. To stumble but return to the starting line. Walk back, head down, but shoulders straightening, lifting

until turning once again I see the beginning. 

I think energy is needed, which can only be found by walking forward, then running. By trying again and again, until strength is manifest.

I think hope is needed and so I look for sunrises, a small flower pushing its way through a crack in my driveway, my child’s song and her laughter.

Now it is not yet tomorrow. Tomorrow we start again.


 photo by Mickey Smith