Em and I had a reading day not too long ago. We both hung out in our PJs and read Divergent. She with a paperback, me with my kindle. Her reading is way more sustained since she got glasses so we literally spent all day reading and talking about what we were reading. It was a day I dreamed about having when I dared to think about having a child . I am so fortunate in that Em and I do have a good and loving relationship one without fear or resentment. This was one of those days that made <a href "http://crimsonj.jsd117.org/uncategorized/2013/10/29/divergent-is-exceptional/">Crimson J </a>me feel even luckier. We decided to place all of us into our factions. She is Amity because she likes making friends, I’m Erudite (because of all the reading)  Dad/J is candor (because of all the people he finds that are wrong on the internet). Then she went to the cats… Haru and Babbage are Dauntless because of all the battles. Zak is Erudite because he is an evil mastermind. Bartleby is Amity because he’s really sweet . Finally Mr. Teatime is Abnegation because he likes things to be quiet and ordered.

That was a day I won’t ever forget.

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  1. Christine

    What a sweet day! Lucky you to have a daughter with whom you can share a love of books and reading. And anime, and Halloween, and so many other good things. 🙂

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