Dislocated ankle or what I did today

Dislocated ankle or what I did today

So after the pain killers kicked in I thought, well at least I’ll have something to write about tonight since it’s been kinda boring.

Well I was headed to work today and…well in the last two or so days, all the leaves and sweet gum balls fell off the trees. The leaves buried the sweet gum balls. I found one with one foot, which quickly went out from under me, while my other ankle dislocated.

Across the street this guy just stared at me, watched me go down, heard me yelling for my husband in pain, bellowing actually and crying. Asshole.

You know–I’d go over and help. J would too.

So I couldnt’ stand. I had to scoot up the stairs. Stay on the floor sweating, nearly blacking out and barfing while James took Em to school and called my work.

The pain was phenomenal, I still can’t believe how bad it was.
How bad it is, even on hydrocodone.

I felt the bones sliding around, which was why I thought it was broken, turns out that was the dislocation.

We got to the ER and luckily we got taken care of pretty quickly. I was covered in sweat and so dizzy.
The Xray tech was a wonderful older gentleman who was so kind to me–he propped up my leg and when I got shocky made sure I had a blanket, gave me a washcloth when I got hot. It really made a difference.
The nurse was nice too. He was young so I’m guessing maybe he wasn’t as comfortable with the caregiving part of things but he was great. The doc was no nonsense.

I just can’t believe that a dislocation/sprain (however bad it is, and they said it was the bad kind) would hurt SO much. It just blows my mind.

So I’m off work for a few days and on crutches for a few weeks.
And the irony?

I just made a vow to walk for exercise for an hour every day but Thursday (Bean has choir) and had started last night. By the time I’m able to walk again (I like to walk hills and walk fast) it’ll be serious winter! The Universe has a funny sense of humor.

I feel bad about being off work, but then I always do. I have a doctor’s note and everything and it still eats me up not to be there.

Sigh. It’s probably time to sleep again and take another pill, pain in the ankle and from the tetanus shot is coming back.

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  1. Hi there, I haven’t been here for a while, and thought I’d stop by and see if you were doing NaBloPoMo this year, as I am.

    Regarding your injury: wow, that is ironic! And what was with that guy who just watched and didn’t lend a helping hand? Geez!

    I have been told that sprains are actually more painful than breaks, and according to my pal who was ‘fortunate’ enough to have done both, she says that is true. Her sprain hurt more than when she broke her ankle.

    So kick back – ok, not literally, ‘cuz that would probably hurt – and get yourself healed up!


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