E is for EEK!

Ok, this is going to be just a bit silly. I had an exceedingly difficult day and then came home and did too many chores.

So while I was perusing my list of interesting words I figured something out about E. E reminds me of Halloween and horror movies.

Why? Here’s why! Check out THESE E words (ok don’t read them all just pick a couple, but scroll down for the payoff, c’mon you know you want to!)
































I really enjoy Erythrochroism–I like to think I have an excessive or pathological redness of the hair. ¬†There’s lots in E about death, bursting forth, drying up organs, flesh and blood. With a well chosen E word you might evanish after you exsanguinated. You might do that after you were evicerated or your eyes were evulsed, or if you visited a particularly evil dentist who practiced exodontia. I hope if that were the case you might receive an eldritch eloge ¬†from an erythrophobic ecdysiast enamoured of emonomancy or emetology. Could happen, or at least it could in MY world.

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