Em speaks with Haru

Em speaks with Haru

Em speaks with Haru by jyllianm
Em speaks with Haru, a photo by jyllianm on Flickr.

In our family, all the cats talk. Of course they meow, mip, meeyup and purr (or chuff) but they also speak human.

Yes they do. They always have. Even if it sounds like their voices (and they are all distinct) come out of my mouth everyone and I mean everyone looks at the cat doing the speaking while he or she is speaking.

As you can imagine, this lady of the manor has much to say. She may have been born in a barn but she never lets you forget that she is entltled to great respect, deferential treatment and of course extra treats.


  1. Christine

    Wow, Em is starting to look all adolescent-like. I guess the tween years really are just a blip between childhood and the teen years.

    Wonderful pic! It feels like there’s a dialogue happening, some kind of story to it.

    Open ID is being a jerk. 🙁

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