Erstwhile Dancefloor Revolution

Erstwhile Dancefloor Revolution

I’m thinking of flipping the name for my blog. I’ve had one or another T.S. Eliot quotes for awhile.

The one before this was Sprawling on a Pin from Prufrock, one of my early favorites (what kind of  a weird teenager likes Prufrock?) Oh look I’ve still got an old page up there floating around. I REALLY do need to get to putting up Sara’s reconfigured design for the page.  Also it did end up getting personal. It always does—I just got smarter about what personal means.


And I have known the eyes already, known them all—

The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase,

And when I am formulated, sprawling on a pin,

When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall,

Then how should I begin

To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways?

  And how should I presume?


I loved that blog name. Why did I change it? I think because I broke from a way of life when I knew a lot of folks that picked each other and themselves apart, as I did. And I liked the idea of the internets as magnifying glass.

Before that, I think was TMI.  That was the journal that got mentioned in 21st Century Goth. It really was TMI too. It was everything about me and everyone else. Not so good. I still have all the files. I’ve thought maybe I’ll put them back up one day—all the journals going back to 1997, but I still need a few years before it might not matter to all the parties concerned. And I’d have to edit the names. It probably still is to0 early to laugh about some of that roommate drama, boyfriend drama, cat drama, whose baby is it drama, roof crashing in drama and friend implosion drama. It may always be to early, who knows. I want to put up some of those party pictures though…

(and also—while at the time it was REALLY cool to get mentioned in 21st Century Goth, I was trying to be funny about that too—that was one of my first websites and it was a hilarious idea to write up websites in a book, but that’s how it worked way back when.

I had one before that too, but we’re reaching back into the mid nineties and I’d have to pull up that old zip (yes zip) drive and look for that name.

I’ve had “Go kindle  fire with snow,” (Shakespeare) on Livejournal for some time. I’ve called that LJ a lot of things. I even had another LJ before (see blond pics, argh and some cute Bean pics too)  the one I  have but dropped that when we moved from Chicago.  I mainly use LJ  for ranting and raving and not being able to be talked out of things. I’ve not been on there much the past year, but I need to go back to at least read a few folks I care about

So I guess a partial reboot of this journal is due. It feels like time.  I may make the Title the subtitle and change the subtitle to the Title. It could be more memorable that way.


  1. Maybe a novel based on your Goth days? Or a memoir? Both ideas sound like good reads to me! I just read about a memoirist yesterday and it really inspired me. Her name is Jennifer Lauck and her first book is called Blackbird. I plan to get it this weekend if I can find it at my fave used bookstore.

  2. p.s. I love your blog, but understand the itchy feet feeling of wanting to revamp stuff. I’m still in the throes of that, myself, with my blog. I just can’t seem to sum up what my blog is about when people ask me. Maybe that shouldn’t bug me… Best wishes on all your revamping. ~Tui

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