Eureka it all works

Eureka it all works

Well I think I have all of the various ways to connect set up now, though in less than 30 days I have to decide between ecto and mars edit when I’m using the MacBook. It seems true that the MacBook will become the choice for blog posting but BUT nothing equals windows live writer. Damn.
Also I will have to pay for one of those which I am loathe to do. Especially since the damn MacBook was such a capital outlay.

Also I may be moving from Pandora to Spotify which irks me as well because we are going from 36 bucks a year to more than twice that. ARgh what do I do?

We are also hooking up a puter to the tv and considering getting rid of cable …maybe that will make up for Spotify and uverse cable?

How have y’all managed ?

And please no castigating about tv because seriously we read an insane amount and very fast so we get to watch as much tv as we want to. Our kidlet is held to a high standard as well.

Trying this on the iPad so bear with me…

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