Thing that utterly ticked me off today:

A beautiful baby contest in the mall. I needed to return some vacuum bags and there is this cool indoor playground with a little elf village , so we were going to hang out a bit.


Especially the little girls in the cake and icing dress a la JonBenet Ramsey. Way to enforce those shallow values folks! And lets start those eating disorders early. Oh and girls–it IS important to base your self worth on your looks.

(I’m not sure any 18 month to 6 year old could POSSIBLY be comfortable in those horrid frilly things–that’s what bugs me about them, that and the parents won’t let the kids do anything while they are wearing them. In contrast Em was wearing her galoshes, her Red Thomas shirt and blue leggings).

It’s gross. It’s like those baby rating communities, what IS is that? Isn’t it important enough that you managed to bring a baby into the world? I guess not, maybe they have to be JUDGED by a bunch of nameless internet dorks as to their attractiveness. Like the kids today being judged by a bunch of nameless pageant dorks.

Did I mention I HATE children’s pageants? And no, I haven’t had a bad experience I just happen to think that beauty contests are putrid. And kid’s pageants even more so.

James told me my San Francisco was showing. I guess it was.