Fangsgiving at the House on Haunted Hill

Fangsgiving at the House on Haunted Hill

I cooked for a few hours yesterday

and for a few today.

I cracked the whip for cleaning and we were eating by almost 5. It wasn’t the most hilarious Fangsgiving we’ve had—some years are more subdued than others—but it was good eats and family. I swear by Alton Brown’s brining recipe. Every year we get moist turkey. Sure it takes like 13 hours, but it is worth it. Also Mr. J says my orange cinnamon cranberry sauce is like crack.

I’m completely exhausted now and probably just missed the window on that glass of wine. No matter, there’s PIE!

And  here are a few pics: The big Ass Turkey:

Big ass turkey


Girls at fangsgiving That’s my sister Carole, her gorgeous daughter Payton and My Bean. Also the big ass turkey is cooked.


Mr. J, Sister Carole, Grandmama Jackie and Mr. Leo. My mother, even though she’s been my mother lo these many years was still scandalized by..”the abundance of Halloween still in the House.” um, well yes, we took some things down though, really we did, I swear!

Family snacking After the food is done, comes the dancing!


Mambo after dinner

Missed a picture of Rodney and Sara and I’m behind the camera. Ah..I’m having the turkey yawn now.

And to you my friends both in the ether and in the flesh. I’m thankful for you. Thank you for sharing this last year—here’s to next year being better!

And so onto the next Holiday. But first…

I’ve got a fridge full of leftovers and I’m not afraid to use em!