Fayetteville Family Holiday Help

Fayetteville Family Holiday Help

What I worked on today and tonight.



I started thinking, after I was searching for and purchasing some presents for the Bean, how sad I would feel if I couldn’t get her the things she wants. And honestly other than the rarer than diamonds Monster High Dolls, the only thing she’s asked for is a microscope (I found one we can hook up to her computer). But we’re lucky—we’re both employed and happy in our jobs. She’s more than well provided for.

But not everyone is so lucky. I work and have worked with kids and families who are not as lucky as we are. Kids who have parents who work two jobs or can’t find any at all. Kids who have lost a parent and I realized if I was having a hard time finding information to put in this paper guide to help during the holiday season, they were having a worse time.  And if the kids I’ve worked with needed help,there are more kids at other schools. So there you have it. I’m hoping to add more to it as time goes on, make it a clearing house if I can. I tried to find a site like it, but there really isn’t one I’ve found yet. Maybe I’m reinventing the wheel, but hey, I’m trying to help, at least a little.

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