Funny Connections

Funny Connections

Warning: runon sentence because it helps to get across how I feel right now:

So we’re at the new members of the Unitarian pot luck party tonite. We’re having this wonderful conversation about business/economic ethics vs personal ethics and enron/tyco that sort of thing, also second careers and being parents and it’s just fun and really interesting.

And after nearly an hour, when S mentions her husband is in the Psych department and they’ve lived in Fayetteville for 29 years and D agrees that they love it here, I say “wait a minute, what is your last name?’


They were our next door neighbors from 1977-1980. So everyone cracks up and then the talk goes back to when they were young parents and I was in junior high.

I just LOVE that. I thought my heart might burst for a second there I was so happy. So connected.


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