Good habits formed at youth make all the difference. Aristotle

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference. Aristotle


Well here’s the thing, not only trying to climb back on the blogging horse, but on the good eating and exercise horse.

A little background: I popped my (previously dislocated and nearly a year of recuperation involving boots and crutches and canes)ankle out in December and had to stop working out.

This is also the time of year when too many snax abound. And because of various stresses I haven’t been good about cooking healthy meals of late. J has stepped up and been doing some excellent cooking but the weekends have been all about bad choices. Which wouldn’t be SO bad if we stopped at a day. Or didn’t get jammed up and make some of those bad choices during the week too.

I did learn around Halloween that the time for Halloween candy (for the most part, kit kats may still be necessary in small amounts) is no longer. It actually makes me sick. And of course once you start you (ok I) keep doing it.  Even if I feel sick. Because sugar? Just the root of all my problems. I get more headaches, I feel tired, I get moody if I indulge more than a little in sugar.

I am also, more and more sensitive to wheat. I find if I don’t indulge in breads and well ,crap white flour things, I am less congested, less ill feeling and certainly less nauseous and achy and tired. I can eat artisanal bread sparingly and it’s fine but not the other stuff. Will be taking a trip the the Arkansas version of Whole Foods /Trader Joe’s( Fresh Market –which needs to move more to Trader Joe’s territory and further away from Whole Foods, especially in Pricing). I can also have home made cookies sparingly. I just have to remember IN MODERATION, which as a Libra, I’m just not that great at (with some things).

So…the upshot of all this is, wow I wish I’d had good eating and exercising habits starting as a kid. We are doing the better eating with the Bean, but could do even better. Still it’s healthier than all the hamburgers and crap J and I ate as kids. But we need to work on getting her more physically active. She’s a skinny mini and that will probably last like it did with J and I until 30 something and then kablooey. I’d like to get her used to moving and eating right now. And we’re better than we could have been but not as good as we need to be. We were MUCH better when she was little, but since I’ve gone back to work…well must try harder. It’s the weekends that get us, and that ONE day during the week everything is just overwhelming. Does that happen to anyone else?

Well so much for THAT boring moment, but hey sometimes you just show up you know?

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  1. christine

    Oh man, I can relate. I haven’t eaten anything but junk for about a month. I got the really awful cold that’s been going around, so I haven’t felt like cooking or exercising. Frozen mac n cheese has been my dinner too many evenings. Cereal, with milk (which totally worsens the congestion) as a snack. Yep, time to get back on the horse.

    I agree about wheat and sugar, both of which I’ve been eating with abandon.

    Oh, and I seem to have abandoned my blog! I’ve got to get it together! I’m just feeling really sluggish and hibernate-y.

    1. Jyllian M

      yes! go back to your blog, I want to read more :-). It’s just habit. All of it habit and doing it whether you want to or not. At least as far as I can tell.
      As for the hibernation? YES. At least until March is when I feel it. Late Dec-March I don’t want to do much of anything except hang out with J and the Bean, read, sleep and like that.

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