Goodnight, Anne McCaffrey

Goodnight, Anne McCaffrey







You see pretty with the heart, not with the eyes.–Nuella

Dear Anne–

I think I wrote you when I was a child. I hope I did. You and a few others helped me make it through a childhood…

A childhood I’ve made up for with my own child.

I used to have to hide a lot. At home, at school.  I hid with your books. With your books, the sadness,wrongness of my days fell away as I was able to soar with, on a dragon. I was able to protect and fight.

I was able to escape and for awhile what really was, wasn’t. What was terrifying fell away.

I survived because of you. I wrapped myself in your books and took up residence on Pern, because Pern with it’s vicious thread falling from the sky was more understandable than my real existence.

If it weren’t for you ma’am, you and a few others, I’m not sure I would have made it.

This is why when I heard you left us I cried. Just like I am now. I hope I thanked you. I remember writing.  But…thank you. Thank you for giving me a world I could live in. I hope, if there is one after this, that it is one tenth as amazing as what you gave all of us.

Anne McCaffrey in Remembrance