Bean= cold Saturday through Monday, still sniffly today but in school.
Me= cold Sunday evening through today, very sick (of course with my sinuses of doom) slept about 25 minutes last night.
Jam= sniffly but not sick yet and leaving for New Yawk on Wednesday. Foo

One wonders: How long does one go one getting EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COLD AND FLU on the planet when the child hits school? I will now begin carrying hand sanitizer in my purse even though I think it is kind of stupid to do so. James and Em bounce back pretty quickly, I have damaged sinuses (I need to have that sinus clearing operation and will sometime next year) consequently I get so sick I turn into a grucching, whiney baby (grucch = medieval word for complain, I’ve always loved that word).

We wash our hands so much it borders on OCD, what else can I do?