Happy Mother’s Day

It wasn’t a day of rest at all. I made dinner, a huge five hour dinner, for a couple of friends (had to put it off from last week due to Bean sickness) but it was nice. They are sweet folks.

But, my Bean made me a card that said “I love my mom because she cooks very well and snuggles and plays games like caraboo with me!” In a beautiful tie dyed heart. She painted a wee flower pot for me and grew a pansy. I’ll remember these and keep them forever.

We just had to forego a big mother’s day to do because our ancient beloved cat was very very ill last weekend and nearly died. She spent a good amount of the week in the hospital and I spent a good amount of time trying to explain death to a five year old.

Miss Ninny is still with us, her cat brothers seem as relieved as J and I are to have her home. The Bean has a lot of questions about death that suddenly it’s hard for an old ex-goth to explain. Because it isn’t amorphous death, it’s the death of a beloved friend and companion that’s now much closer than it’s ever been.

But for yesterday and today? I’m a Bean mother and a cat mother of a 3 upstart weirdo boycats and one genteel aged doyenne. And that’s better than as good as it gets.