Heat or sun stroke? What’s the difference

Heat or sun stroke? What’s the difference

So this summer, my husband got sun poisoning by being out on the lake, having the boat break down (he was with friends whose boat it was) and forgetting sunblock.

What is sun poisoning?

He was sick for over a week, developed blisters all along his arms that sweated something icky and he was just out of it. Uncomfortable and nauseous and couldn’t get into to doing anything for more than 7 days.

Bean got a bad sunburn herself, but luckily J was on it with her and she only had it on her legs. Still she was out of it for the next day or so.


I have gotten heat sick in the past and been sunpoisoned. I used to faint with regularity at Northern California Ren Faire because I would get overheated (it was 90 degrees and I was wearing a long sleeved blouse, 2 skirts, a bodice and had a belt with several pouches on—oh and a big hat too) Even in gauze or thin material you could easily overheat. And I did often.

Didn’t know until a few years later it was because I was sensitive to MSG and it made me sensitive to Heat. VERY sensitive.

Also this year—since I’ve been primal? Even FEWER heat problems. I can even go out and go swimming in 100 degree heat for several hours. Still get sunburned (I’m pale) even with SPF 900.

Mr. J is still susceptible to heat exhaustion or heat fatigue as am I –but he works on the yard and it can knock him over.

So keep these things in mind.

Drink a lot of water.

Wear your sunblock.

Come in and cool down every couple of hours—don’t do “Just one more thing.”

I’ve  been right up next to heatstroke it’s a horrible horrible thing. And that was a “mild” case.

I’ve also had heat exhaustion and heat cramps. Not fun at all. And that was with doing EVERYTHING (or very nearly in the case of faire, it took me a bit to learn) right. At Burning Man I followed the rules like they were another religion and I still went sunblind and got sick one day.

I’m just a delicate flower.

The upshot of all this is—this is one of those scary hot summers. That global climate change some folks say isn’t happening—yeah right. Take care of yourself. Keep water with you. Don’t work outside in the hottest part of the day.  Be aware it can very suddenly go bad.

Wear a hat! Wear sun screen! Drink water! lots of it!  Be careful and it can still be fun. I’ve been swimming more this year than ever before and not all of it is due to my quirky and very quickly drying new short hair—it’s because I’m careful!

And don’t forget our four legged friends either. If it can happen to you it can happen to them. Don’t leave them in your car!!