How about some Halloween

How about some Halloween

Well, I don’t think I ever posted any of this years pics. I’m out of words today. I got barked at at work (people really get peevish about computers –seriously peevish) and even though the situation was a case of more work than I have time for, and that I’m getting to it as soon as I can it didn’t help to have the barking.  Also my leg hurts /whine.

So instead let’s think about my favorite holiday of the year. OUR favorite holiday. And our 10th anniversary.

The blair witch scarecrow. The skull head got stolen by some teenagers, but that was all that went missing. The second pic is inside our door to our dining room. The ceilings in the house are hung with shredded cheesecloth and there are surprise spiders and skeletons everywhere.

This will scare some crowsHallway


Our greeting gouls and a shot of the graveyard.


Doorway ghoul

You can see the zombie in front, crawling our from the ground.

our zombie in the graveyard

Another shot of the side. There is another surprise spider.

the boneyard


The window ghoul and the outside light skeleton

Half a ghoul and big head

The graveyard in all it’s glory.

Grim Gables

Punkin scarecrow and two cute girls.

Attitude Fairy and Ladybug

We’ve heard that in awhile the tree will grow around the face. Cool!

the trees have faces!

A close up of our zombie! This one really got the kids.

our zombie guy


So spooky!

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  1. Your Halloween house looks as fun as ours! Our house looks like a castle and has gargoyles galore. We dressed as vampires this year and pretended that we didn’t know it was Halloween when we answered the door.

    Halloween is OUR fave holiday, too. That said, send me your snail mail, ‘cuz I’d love to send you our Xmas card. (It’s kinda Halloweeny!) My email is tui [at] mentalmosaic dot com.

    You 2 were married on Halloween? That is so cool! We thought about that, too, but it looks like we’re headed for a spring wedding.


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