I feel almost normal

I feel almost normal

Must get newkitty Babbage to the Vet and fixed. He has harbls of DOOM.

Babbage came to us from Woodland. When I was student teaching there a kid left him in the yard when she couldn’t bring him in. He was scared and would have been hit by a car. So out of the M.A.T. program we got a cat, a good friend and student loans. Ach. Actually a few good friends.

Also the knowledge that I don’t need to go at teaching that way. I’d be burnt out before I started formal teaching. I am going to look into volunteering with a children’s rescue or tutoring.

I have filled out several applications and will be continuing to figure out where I might find a use for my skills.

I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over, but I’ve been stuck in high gear at something I liked the idea of more than the actuality.

So, I got caught up on grocery shopping, will get caught up on laundry tomorrow. James washed two cats (Zach and Babbage) and vacuumed. My office is going back to being a ‘room of my own,” and the house looks less like a war zone. And I’m sleeping almost through the night again. I think I laughed, really laughed for the first time in a few weeks today too.