I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

I’ve done it again. I’ve done it repeatedly . I don’t know what to write about because what I would like to write about I can’t.

It isn’t a good idea to write about work. It just isn’t. However much I wish I could have written about all the interesting things that have occurred at this and previous positions—well it isn’t smart.

And I don’t think I can write so much about the challenges our daughter faces. She is developing an online life of her own (very slowly and carefully) so it feels wrong to intrude.

I will say we are strongly considering moving her to a private school. I will say her last two years of school have not been the best. She has some good friends and the change won’t be the easiest thing, but it might just be the best thing.

And that is probably all I will be saying about things like that. Except in very very general terms.

Because I’ve changed from someone who wrote down every single thing and every single thought –or close enough and yes, TMI…to someone who is nervous to say much of anything at all.

I still want to write here though. And I don’t want it to be…Got up, posed like Wonder Woman for two minutes, went to work, did things at work, came home, did laundry, J took Bean to Kumon, lifted weights, read, worked on websites, went to bed.   Because that’s pretty much every weekday. I hate to say nothing special happens, but we have routines as most people do. I’ve seen someone manage this type of writing, but I admit I haven’t really checked back with him in over a year. He wrote some wild and amazing things with The Big Fun Glossary but it seems like now he writes a journal for himself , which isn’t necessarily bad, but I’m not sure I want to go that direction.  Interesting things happen on the weekend so maybe that’s the ticket.  It’s not that there aren’t interesting things talked about or things that happen but because the Bean is getting her own online life I  can’t talk about her issues, because now that is a privacy matter. And you can’t talk about work because: Dooce.

So here is me beginning to stumble about and writing about…who knows?

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  1. christine

    I am having exactly this issue with my blog. I want to write, but I’m really conflicted about what I want to share, and with whom. LJ was so anonymous (and my audience relatively small and private) that this wasn’t much of an issue. Still, I’m even slacking on LJ now. Blogging more publicly feels scary. Not to mention, I have issues with self discipline.

    I’ve seen that some people write on certain subjects–“mommy” blogs, or blogs about technology, or fashion–and drop in the personal stuff around that. In many cases it seems to work, but it’s a fine balance. I like reading about people’s lives, their struggles. If their blog becomes too distanced from that and is mainly about fashion or tech (or becomes only about their kid(s)), I lose interest.

    Bummer about not being able to share about Em though! It’s always great to “see” people’s kids grow and develop, but yeah, adolescence puts the kibosh on that, and rightly so.

    Good luck!!

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