I is for Inumbrate

I is for Inumbrate

http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=Inumbrate <–How do you say it?

This is a word I think I’m going to bring back

Meaning to shade or darken.

Here’s a good example:


Inumbrate by zyryphocastria d3cp62k



Oh this word makes me miss my gothgirl days, for THAT would have been a word to be used as a spooky name.

Lady Inumbrate.

Miss Imumbration

Which reminds me of this old Voltaire song (this fan version is fun for several reasons)


and yes I had a spooky name too, if you think a little bit I’m pretty sure you can figure out what that was. Any guesses?

Hey, leave your goth name as a comment (real or what it would be if you had been!)



    1. Jyllian M

      Your series is really helpful! I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I started with an online journal and am just recently making the leap into building community. It’s tough but rewarding!

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