I like men who have a future and women who have a past Oscar Wilde

I like men who have a future and women who have a past Oscar Wilde


Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)

(Author: Jenny Blake)

Have you noticed  that there is a great Oscar Wilde quote for nearly every occasion? And Dorothy Parker and Fran Leibowitz. Anyone else I should know about?

I’m behind on my reverb 10 project. It’s that Christmas thing.  After shopping Today I made the cocoa mix and assembled the gift bags. It was fun—put on Brian Setzer’s Christmas CD and then Pandora’s Christmas Radio station and built er…8? giftbags—added in little packets of marshmallows, choco chips and cayenne. Some folks got candles from Dark Candles. I won’t get to everyone by Christmas—the candles came later than I hoped (not their fault, I should have ordered sooner) and I missed some folks when we could deliver.

ANYway…I have avoided this prompt. I’ve started it three or four times.

I thought it meant advice for 2010—which was basically—“if you feel weird about it, don’t do it,” There was that one party—yeah don’t go to that one. Also, DON’T go into the M.A.T. program. Or maybe I’m wrong about that one—maybe I needed to do that to find out what I liked and didn’t like?  Probably that. Probably should have stopped after the Summer though. Knowledge and Education are never wasted.

But actually the prompt is for 2011

I have no idea. Um…”if you don’t feel like it don’t do it—if you get that sense of dread in your stomach, that is your spidey sense saying NOPE.”

Keep trying hard at work but don’t expect everyone to like you. Some guys are competitive and all you can do is your best.

Be aware there are a couple of folks who would enjoy it a lot if you fell on your face.

Eat the right food. Stop eating so much sugar. Yes it helps your mood, but you can’t exercise much because of your ankle so eat better. You HATE being overweight.


To myself 10 years ago?

You are marrying the right man. HE is the one you’ve waited your whole life for.

Have the Bean and then get pregnant right away again. Seriously you don’t have all the time in the world and you really do want another child. This one will haunt you.

Really think before you move to Chicago. Most of that doesn’t go well. It was good you bought and sold that house—did wonders for your credit, but really? Most of it sucked.

Don’t trust that one woman—she’s going to stab you in the front, back, sides and face.

Or that other younger woman—that is not a healthy friendship for either of you.

Moving back to Fayetteville will be good.