I like nuns

I like nuns

I always have. I considered being one at one point in my life as did my mother. I liked the idea of living in a contemplative society, thought I’d be better suited to a monestary since I tend to have better friendships with men than I do with women. There’s also the matter of not being very religious. Interested in religion yes, and philosophy but just not

I studied nuns , beguines and anchoresses in grad school. Julian of Norwich taught me much and I lived for years rereading Hrotswitha of Gandersheim’s plays .

I also like their clothes.

I would have  totally collected nun dolls, if I’d know about them. But I’m thinking that would make me even weirder than I already am. I’m stocked up on weird as it is.


Check this out  The Doll Museum at the national shrine of cross in the woods.