I suggest the Lettuce was too Spicy

Just a bit hard to sit down and make sure I get today’s entry out. I am finding that I like knowing I *have* to write something, it helps when the energy is flagging.

And it is. I’ve had a bit too much hidden MSG this last week, that rather sucked . Slowly but surely I manage to remove yet another source from our diets. It’s utterly bizarre how sensitive to that stuff I am. And if it iaffects me that way, I certainly don’t want it in the Bean or Jam’s food. Oh those pesky brain lesion causing food additives.

We met some friends at a local/new ish Greek place. Good food, WAY slow service. Painfully slow but very friendly. The only problem with that is trying to keep 2 four and a half year olds occupied when it takes them over an hour and a half to cook the food Yikes. We’ll try it again on another night.

After that we went back to their house (our girls are best friends) and found out they are withdrawing their daughter from the same school we took the Bean out of last month. (redacted)If she were a less social child she’d be at home with me all the time. As it is, she’s staying with me more and going to a nice preschool that gives her lots of kid interactioin. I’m working on her Spanish, reading and math since she’s showing some smartypants abilities in those areas. They do that in the preschool too, but she’s already reading and doing basic addition on her own so I don’t want to lose any ground. It’s just too bad her really wonderful teacher left the Montessori school . I really wish she could have had the excellent experience that I had as a child in my Montessori, but it seems hard to find that perfect combination of loving/nurturing and academics like I was lucky enough to have in St. Scholastica. Well, next year she’ll be in a good Kindergarten and hopefully some of these issues will be behind us. A good thing with this new school is that it is really intensive about cooperation and self control. She’s really benefitting from that. And the kids and teachers are really nice and affectionate.

Anyway, after a MUCH too long dinner, though the company was great (and the girl’s tried REALLY hard to be good through a 2 hour dinner) we went to their house and the girls played while we talked. I brought along pjs and they had a bath together which was incredibly cute. They gave us wooden shoes too! K is from Holland and they speak Dutch and just got back from visiting his home. It had been a few weeks since we’d seen them and we were all used to the girl’s playing at one of our houses once or twice a week. The girls’s missed that the last three weeks and we did too. She’s such a sweet little girl and she and the Bean are not quite 6 months apart and the same size and just about the same developemental level so it’s not only a sweet friendship it’s well matched.

Oh…Bean Mot: They say grace at dinner (we don’t, I’m not sure the Bean has seen that before). After we’d eaten she got everyone to hold hands again and said “thank you for the nice dinner. I suggest the lettuce was too spicy, Amen.”