I’m afraid the experiment was a failure

I’m afraid the experiment was a failure

I don’t think I’ll catch up now. There was too much going on this month. A big birthday for our kiddo, J and I changing around everything we eat, me discovering once and for all I really do have a vicious problem with gluten/wheat , going ass over teakettle down the stairs thanks to one of the feline members of our family, sending a couple of new website designs live¬† and finally making a very big daily change to my life.¬† I love the idea of the A to Z Challenge but I just wasn’t up to it this year.

From Flickr Creative Commons :Celestine Chua

Maybe next year. Or maybe I’ll suddenly get the energy and update everything at once this weekend, who knows? I just know what I’m doing for the next 24 hours at this point.



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  1. Your posts have been great. The A-Z challenge is grueling and when life demands attention there is very little wiggle room. I will continue to enjoy your blog, glad I discovered it!

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