Intentionally Silent, Intentionally Rowdy.

Intentionally Silent, Intentionally Rowdy.

I’ve been away. For a year. Which is a long time.

I was away because of (it’s long, but easy to read and maybe a little funny) (pick one or all):

  1. Getting a house ready to sell. Paint paint, fix fix.
  2. Hiring an agent
  3. Firing that agent
  4. House off the market
  5. Finding a new agent
  6. Hiring that agent
  7. House on the market with professional pictures
  8. Showings out the wazoo
  9. Sold the house
  10. Inspection
  11. Buyers work out complicated loan then freak out
  12. House back on the market -Paint paint paint fix fix some more
  13. 2 hour showings, 1 hour showings 5 minute showings, 3 hour showings!
  14. Keep fixing, keep painting, get ripped off by a couple of contracters
  15. 100 showings (yes, 100)
  16. Take house off market for a month because we are about to lose our mindshouse sol
  17. House back on market, sells in 4 days. WTF.
  18. Inspection (grinding teeth).
  19. Inspection is harsher than the previous inspection.
  20. Call in foundation specialist who did previous work, does some more work and certifies the house
  21. Cut a hole in the living room wall so they can have a different faucet (yes).
  22. Fix a list of other shit.
  23. Wait and freak out about the appraisal.
  24. Wait and freak out because buyers have a contingency loan.
  25. All the while, I’ve been trying to find a place to rent and learning about Eugene.
  26. Find it is impossible to rent with 5 cats. No matter how great they are.
  27. Cats are unhappy, really unhappy.
  28. Mr. Guy goes to Eugene and looks at houses with me on hangouts.
  29. We agree about a house and he puts in an offer.
  30. Incredible negotiating,
  31. Problem with our buyer’s contingency loan.
  32. Problem with our Eugene inspection.
  33. More negotiation on all sides.
  34. Eugene sellers want our buyer’s contingency loan gone before they will agree.
  35. Work on that with our buyer’s. Freaking out .
  36. Contingency clause gone, certified, emailed. etc
  37. Oh yeah somewhere in here I got us pre-approved  for a loan and now
  38. Get the loan.
  39. We get the house in Eugene.
  40. Now things get really fast. We have a month.
  41. Quit my job, James keeps working
  42. Pack the entire house up
  43. Find movers.
  44. Clean like crazy because we are nice.
  45. Negotiate a quick move in, which is apparently odd in Eugene.
  46. I get power of attorney to sign papers in Eugene because Mr. Guy will be driving 5 cats, singing Klingon Opera, across the country.
  47. Sign papers. House isn’t ours anymore. Feel sad.
  48. Mover comes puts our stuff in the truck.
  49. Drives off with my car and the stuff.
  50. James takes E and me to the airport.
  51. Two of Em’s best friends come to airport and we all cry.
  52. I get molested by security  because I haven’t flown in 10 years, forgot all the rules and have a 1 way ticket.

    welcome to Eugene
    We made it!
  53. Change planes, land in Eugene.
  54. Get picked up by hotel shuttle.
  55. E is sick but brave and we sleep for about 99999 hours and order room service and stay in our Pjs.
  56. Final walkthrough and I really see the house in real life.
  57. Did I mention I’d never been to Eugene? Had to move for Mr. Guy’s job anyway.
  58. Sign papers for me and Mr. Guy.
  59. Nice agent drives us around Eugene.
  60. Pick up the next day for move in.
  61. Start unpacking our bed stuff and cat stuff!
  62. James arrives with cats.
  63. Movers leave.
  64. We all cry I think. Or hallucinate.
  65. We live in Eugene
  66. We really miss our friends.
  67. I know I forgot some things, there will be stories.
  68. It was actually WAY more complicated and difficult than this list.
  69. Cats are mad.

Oh yes…during ALL of  that I had a job and we tried to keep things as normal as possible for our middle school aged daughter. That meant swimming with friends, birthday parties, school functions, sleepovers whenever possible (in between showings) and bathing and eating.

So in my reverb prompt: about Intentions.. hmmm.

I intend to fix up my blog. It’s looking a little worn around the edges. (loads slow and some other things). I intend to start writing again in this blog. I intend to start writing again in general. We intend to continue exploring Eugene. We really like it here. Em and I miss our friends. I miss Em’s friends and their moms, who were the best people ever.  So I intend to make sure that we don’t lose touch with the life we built over the last 10 years while reconnecting with Mr. Guy (because the strain on our 16 year marriage was intense)and shepherding Em through high school in a new state.

And write. I really really want to write again.


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