It only gets scary when you get old

It only gets scary when you get old

Just can’t turn on the election news. I’ve always been interested in politics and knew they were significant, but I haven’t been scared before. I was angry with Reagan and bothered with Bush senior. Now I’m angry and scared. When does it get scary? I guess when you figure out that it is your future, your child’s future this idiot has squandered. So I’ve avoided the news online and off until just now and that isn’t going to last long. The feeling is like drinking too much coffee and going to a really scary movie.

I wrote this at the Bean’s dance class tonight. I’m not sure if she’ll be at this dance school next year. On the one hand she loves her teachers (that is part familiarity and part they are nice people) but on the other this isn’t the kind of dance school I’m used to. I went to two really strict schools and I don’t see anyone doing any barre exercises or actual ballet steps. It’s very important that she has fun and that she enjoys her dance class, but I think the discipline and grace should be part of it. Or maybe she’ll just giggle away her time there and start kung fu next year and that’s where the discipline and grace will come in.

I’m so tired again tonight but it is mostly a good tired. I went back to the gym and then did three hours of yard work. Note to self: mature landscaping means a metric TON of leaves. Not once, not twice but at least three times during the fall. I need to get a bit better with the leaf blower, I looked like a mud and leaf sculpture by the time I finished.

Well, before this turns into what I had for lunch today (pad thai tofu bowl by the way) I think I’ll give ninny her insulin shot and think about avoiding the election coverage.Or maybe not.

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