To Boldly Go….James Kirk

To Boldly Go….James Kirk


Had to change the initial title, it sounded like he died. That can never happen!

Today is the Shat’s 80th birthday.

When I was well, 12 through oh. last week…I had a lifesize poster of Captain Kirk on my ceiling (and a standup of Spock in the corner. I was in love with both of them). I lived and breathed Star Trek from about the age of 2 until well…now.

When I was young, I used to sit out on the hill that covered our storm cellar in our back yard and call on my communicator for the Enterprise to come get me.

One of my happiest moments was finding the Starbase store in Berkeley on vacation as a kid. I still have one of those earrings.

Captain Kirk has hands like my father’s.

I was once ejected from a Star Trek Convention for firing a phaser at William Shatner. Corner me at a party and I’ll tell you the story.

Here is my Shatner playlist. Please note I’ve been collecting these for awhile. Happy Birthday Bill. It’s great to be able to love you again. Thanks for getting over yourself.