It’s been a while–random bits

It’s been a while–random bits

It isn’t that I haven’t had anything to say, it is just that I haven’t had the time to write. Which is both a good and bad thing. I should be doing some chores right now. And I’m guessing this being happy gets in the way of writing in the blog.
But that shouldn’t be the case–I really want to document the good, not mostly the angsty times.

Since so much has gone on though, I think I’ll follow my friend Rob Coyote’s lead and just randomly write spurts of what’s been going on over the last few weeks.

We took Bean to her first movie in a movie theatre. Some folks do this earlier than nearly four, but I wanted to make sure it would be a great experience for everyone involved so we waited until we were absolutely sure that we could communicate to her the need to be quiet and stay in your seat. We saw Nanny McPhee at a matinee. It was a raving success.

Lots of lunches with friends. It’s really wonderful. It’s especially nice to be interacting with people in ways that don’t involve parties or excessive coolness. I feel like slowly but surely I’m getting to know people again. 20 years is a long time. We’re all very different. The teenagers we were are still in all of us, but we’ve softened, become kinder and less brittle. Much less angry. It’s wonderful.

I’ve written my friend/old boss Peter. I’ve been told several times in the last three weeks how friendly I am. How easy to get to know and nice to be around. Big BIG improvement from when I was hurt and angry and didn’t like people very much at all. Those Personic days were not good days. He’ll be so shocked and pleased. He was a great boss and a wonderful teacher.

I can drive nearly ANYwhere here and not get lost.

I’ve found a great locally owned pet store that sells Wellness cat food. Ninny is looking wonderful. They eat that food like it’s caviar and lobster. Which, actually, it is.

I have let go of something that was troubling me. I am content with my decision that somethings might be forgiven but that it isn’t necessary to reopen the book. Sometimes trust is broken so badly it can’t be mended but you can lose the anger. I guess it just takes me a while to work through things.

We got a horrible hard sell from Hanke brothers WIndows. I will be publishing my complaint to the blog so maybe search engines will pick it up. It was the d the most horrific sales experience possible. The sales guy had seen Glengary Glenn Ross one too many times. Or maybe the Big Kahuna. *shudder* I wrote an rather eloquent and detailed complaint (so I’m told) and called the VP of the company.

We have a new car. His name is Jean-Luc and he’s a silver Saturn VUE with Onstar. I REALLY like him.

I have red hair again. Not the crayola red hair of days gone by, but a realistic red. It’s quite nice. I feel comfortable.

On Freecycle I met two of the local goths. They were incredibly nice! And into Ren Faires, the SCA, Gaelic and the Hammer Dulcimer. B ownes the local anime shop. I believe I will be hanging out with them soon. James is a bit leery of this, but I think it will be ok. And if it isn’t I’ll know soon enough to back away. I don’t feel like we’ll have the same situation we did in Chicago. It feels more like the good time when I met the netgoths in SF. Welcoming, not frightfully into being judgemental and cool. I got the nicest compliment from C too– that she wanted to look like me when she became a mom. So I think I’ve gotten a bit of my flamboyance back in dressing. It isn’t black and it isn’t terribly spooky, but it is interesting and creative and fun. As it should be.

I have a great grasp on a problem that has been bothering me since about 1998. It seems I have matured out of most of that issue. For this I am grateful. Now it is more like 4 steps forward 1 step back. But the backward steps are futher apart.

We have a playdate most weeks with a D and her kids Simon and Sydney. Simon is a wee cute baby boyo and Sydney is a beautiful and hilarious skateboarding four year old girl. She and Em get on like a house a fire. I enjoy spending time with D.

James and I have decided that another baby would be a good thing. Ambivalence on this issue is now down to 10% That is our natural state about any decision.

The Bean is flourishing!!

I am flourishing!!

James is flourishing!!

I’m slated to sing a solo at Church on Easter. YIKES! Maybe the Circle of Life from the LIon King. I’m nervous. I might back out, but I might not.

I’m volunteering at the kitty shelter!!

I’ve gotten to talk to Mattchoo –a real conversation!

I’m volunteering at the Unitarian Church. The cookbook is nearly finished and I help set up on Some Sundays. The minister knows our names and talks to us. It’s really cool. We’re going to a big Church Dinner this Friday.

James is taking me to Bordino’s tomorrow–My friend L’s wife is the head chef there. The food is amazing (she took me in for appetizers one night)and the place is incredible. It easily rivals some of the nicer restaurants we went to in SF and Chicago.

Ok, this is going on and on…I guess the upshot is, I’m really damn happy. And comfortable in my skin.