It’s dark and I’m new here

It’s dark and I’m new here

Such a perfect evening.

Oh yes. I haven’t been here a lot. I thought perhaps it was depression. Turns out it was anemia. Once I started working on that, things got much better.

I have refinished a table and put a lot of shit where it goes. I went out tonight to a party to celebrate a new friend’s years of art on skin and off.

I met the best people. Artists, Elder goths, Poetry slam organizers, philosophical gentlemen, bowtied banjo playing women. And nearly  all had Wendi’s art on our skin.

loooook up my nose!

I had conversations about Star Trek, Graduate School, Latin, Poetry and piercings.

I felt …right, normal? Just… comfortable.

Like I can be accepted for being really goofy nice AND odd at the same time. I don’t have to be, as Em calls it, “edgy” . I can just be …

just be


I think this contortion makes me look less contorted?


There aren’t too many people I’ve been that way around. I’ve always had on a whalebone corset when it comes to most social interactions.

But tonight


like I did in Shrine of Lilith and Death Guild…it was just me talking to fascinating people. Without too much reticence. Without deciding I wasn’t interesting enough to talk to them.  Like Grad School or my the first intense tech job I had. Just a situation where I don’t have to pretend..

Much. Because no one is comfortable 100% of the time.

So yes…a good night.

Dunno if I’m keeping this up. If I’m going to keep trying to chronicle this odd life, here.

But I did tonight.

I did tonight a number of things and

I’m good with that.