It’s not late, but  I’m tired

It’s not late, but I’m tired

and I have another migraine. I’m just here to say, I posted. And I’m always happy to write about my kidlet.

Here is a recent pic from Bean’s GT class. When other kids got shy, she volunteered to speak first. She tells me she doesn’t even get nervous before she sings solo in front of her whole school or at the Walton Arts Center.Bean in cryptography class

Tomorrow is Camp Invention for her. She’s had a lot of camp activity this summer.J and I can be kind of hermitty so we try and get her activities with other kids. She’s also an only child, even if we wished she weren’t and so gets lonely. Even if siblings can annoy you—hey at least you aren’t alone (I’m just remembering back—my sister is being quite wonderful now that we are old).

So there we go. I’m going to do bento lunches next week for her, or try to. And she’ll be bringing a computer to tear apart and investigate. That looks pretty cool, especially for a budding computer geek like she is.